Make Believe provide fantastic Candy Stations, perfect for a range of different events. We often provide our Candy Stations developed towards particular colours or themes.

                                                                                Each Candy Station is a colourful array of

                                                                                sweets, both wrapped and loose,

                                                                                fantastically displayed in various glass

                                                                                containers & jars. We provide scoops

                                                                                where required and bags for each guest to


party bags with the added benefit of the visual display and the interactivity of each guest being able to select their own mix - jars full of bouncy balls or fans of glowsticks look great next to the sweets!

“Many thanks for all your hard work yesterday, Charlotte had a ball and my afternoon was stress free! All the parents were very impressed and everyone enjoyed themselves - especially with the Candy Station! Will definitely recommend anyone to get it!” NG, Glasgow

A minimum order of 20 applies if other services are being provided by Make Believe Parties & Events (if you do not have 20 at your party then 20 can be paid for 20 x £1.50 = £30)

If Make Believe aren’t hosting your party then the minimum number catered/paid for is 50 starting at £1.75 per head.

sweets for my sweet...

pick and mix their favourites.

A Candy Station is the perfect addition to any event - sure to draw a smile from your guests and yummy too! Why not have a Candy Station in place of party bags? We can provide novelty gifts in addition to the candy - cost is comparable to traditional

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