Our normal Hello Kitty party is hosted by your party host who will take you through the following activities...


Name Badges - a sneaky ploy by us to learn all the guests names but also a fun activity too! Basic name stickers which are made into bright and colourful name badges.

Arts and Crafts - Our first crafty activity! Pens, stickers and glittery glue to decorate a masterpiece to take home! We provide paper bags so that each guest can take their creations home with them safely.

Party Games - a variety of games with prizes supplied by Make Believe Parties in our prize treasure chest! A selection from musical bumps, statues, dancing competitions, team games & pass the parcel. The choice of games is dependent on age of guests.

Party Food - We allow a 15 minutes break for party food and refreshments!

Cake - time to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and blow the candles out on the cake! Meaning that cake can be then cut up and placed in party bags!

Cookie & Fairy Cake Decoration - Make Believe Parties supply all the cookies & cakes as well as fun writing icing, chocolate chips, marshmallows, gummy sweets and other items to decorate them with. Your host sets up an area where the children are set a task of decorating their cakes meaning the they are kept busy until parents arrive to collect them! This calms down the guests before they have to go home and as each child is involved in their own activity they are free to leave when needed, allowing for early exits or late parents. A nice stress free end to your party!


Our Pamper Hello Kitty parties run as follows...

Welcome - making name badges, getting to know all guests and introducing the activities at the party.

Cake Decoration - fairy cakes and cookies are brought along to be decorated using icing, marshmallows, jelly diamonds, writing icing, chocolate chips and other goodies!

Karaoke - girlie karaoke to get the party started! We have special karaoke CD’s. We do all our karaoke as group sing-a-longs so that even the quietest of guests can get involved!

Sparkles - let the pampering begin! At Make Believe Parties we are aware that many parents prefer their children not to wear make up and we make sure our mini makeovers are not over the top. We have sparkly lip gloss and glittery face powder, as well as glittery tattoo pens. We let the girls have fun with the make up, teaching them different styles and techniques for them to try. The transformation is complete by adding some accessories such as feather boas & tiaras. All our materials are safe for most skin types and wash off easily (If there are any children with sensitive skin then please let us know and we can adjust the pampering accordingly!)

Party Food - We allow a 15 mins break for party food and refreshments! We can supply party food from £4.50 per head, but you are more than welcome to provide your own catering!  We are working closely with an amazing catering company in Glasgow who organise fantastic value party food for all ages!

Cake - time to blow the candles out on the birthday cake! This is done with enough time for the cake to be cut up and placed in party bags!

Party Fun - a variety of games with prizes supplied by Make Believe Parties. A selection from musical bumps, statues, dancing competitions and team games - all catered for different age groups. We understand that at a certain age games are not appropriate at parties and we have lots of different options that we let the party choose from!

The host is present at your party for 2 hours. Our packages are £12 per head with discounts available for over 20 guests. Minimum numbers are 10 for weekend parties and 8 for weekday parties. These prices include all equipment for activities, music, prizes and we provide staff to suit your numbers.


Contact us to discuss the requirements for your event.



Our High School Musical parties are a new, popular theme for girls parties! Our Hello Kitty parties are perfect for an all girls party. Depending on the age we can add in a pamper section to our Hello Kitty theme.

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